mother machineWe are interested in the interplay between phenotypic plasticity and phenotypic noise, and how these two traits have evolved in natural isolates of E. coli. To gain insight into this problem, we employ methods that allow us to observe single cells and their response to changes in environmental signals (see image analysis below).

image analysis
To measure changes in cellular physiology and transcription, we use quantitative image analysis. Some of this is done through a collaboration with Florian Jug, who is now at MPI Dresden.

RNA-seqWe are  interested in the evolution of novel transcriptional control (e.g. changes in start sites, mRNA levels, or new small RNAs). We use RNA-seq of natural isolates of E. coli to quantify these changes. We also use these data in conjunction with information on protein levels to understand how selection differentially acts on mRNA and protein levels.

Experimental evolution

We use experimental evolution to in conjunction with information from natural isolates of E. coli to gain evolutionary insights in all of our research.


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